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Workplaces are always changing so here you will find some of our thinking and insights from our work with clients, our take on the workplace landscape and some reflections from the Workplace Geeks podcast. Enjoy.


Reimagining Workplace Research: Insights from Jeremy Myerson

We were so lucky to convince one of the OG's of workplace research, Jeremy Myerson, to join us on one of our earliest episodes. In this discussion we find out how he turned a research project that focused on getting employees to draw lines on grey boxes into an award winning paper still influencing workplace research today.



Spaces for Innovation: Kursty Groves proposes blueprint for transformative work environments.

In our very first interview on the Workplace Geeks podcast we spoke to Kursty Groves. Speaker, fellow podcaster, and accomplished workplace strategist, we chatted about 'Space for Innovation'. A phenomenal exploration into how the spaces can get our creative juices flowing. A blend of academic research, practical experience and storytelling which gets us under the skin of innovation.

Audiem news

Cracking topics open

Ian talks through our new Topics engine. A powerful way to unlock workplace insights from huge amounts of employee feedback. Combined with our Workplace Mix framework, this tool has the ability to transform how you view workplace experience in your organisation.


The Academic Landscape of Neurodiversity in the Workplace: A deep dive with Jo Yarker

We've looked at neurodiversity with Josh Artus looking at a guide he authored to help design more inclusive spaces, but what does the academic landscape look like in this field? What evidence is there that can give us confidence that measures will work? We explore it with Jo Yarker.


From Visionary Artistry to Neurodiversity Advocate: Josh Artus' Blueprint for Inclusive Design

Neurodiversity is rightly getting some much deserved focus in workspace design circles but are we approaching it in the right way and how do we avoid slipping into unhelpful stereotypes. The amazing Josh Artus guides us through this important topic.


Workplace Experience

The hidden metric in office design: Kerstin Sailer's Deep Dive into the world of Space Syntax

Imagine there was a workplace design metric sitting there, completely unseen and completely unknown to the vast majority of people. And imagine we could use it to predict the effectiveness of office space. Well imagine no longer, dive into the wonderful world of Space Syntax with Kerstin Sailer.


Evolutionary Psychology Meets Office Design: Nigel Oseland's Vision for Modern Workspaces

Dive into our chat with Nigel Oseland on the Workplace Geeks podcast, exploring the Human Zoo concept in office design. From evolutionary psychology to the Bürolandschaft approach, hear Nigel's take on reimagining workspaces for well-being and performance.

Audiem news

Join us in London...

We're pleased to announce that on the 20 April, we'll be hosting our very first Audiem event. A chance to get a full view of the platform, understand the thinking behind it and see some of the ways that organisations are using it. We'll even throw in a case study from some of the largest tech companies on the planet.

Workplace Mix

Introducing the Workplace Mix

Workplace experiences ebb and flow. They are rich and complex. While they might seek to cater for diverse and wide-ranging groups, they are individually and often very personally felt. They are shaped over time, yet can be transformed – from delight to disgust, or vice versa – in an instant. And they are typically subtle and nuanced – not only positive and negative, but often ambivalent too.

Workplace Experience

The polysemic workplace

if the focus of the 1980s was on business ‘excellence’ in terms of performance and efficiency, perhaps the most important organisational pre-occupation of the post-pandemic 2020s will concern something equally complex and elusive: workplace experience. Here we explore the challenges that come with it.

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