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Workplace Geeks, the podcast on a mission to discover, interrogate and disseminate the world’s leading workplace research.

We explore workplace research from around the globe with the teams behind it. We discuss the methodology and challenges as well as deep diving into the findings.

Episode 2

Naked apes & workplace zoos

Chris and Ian are joined by workplace researcher, author, speaker and consultant, Dr Nigel Oseland, as he gets back to his environmental psychologist roots in his recent book, 'Beyond the Workplace Zoo: Humanising the Office'. Nigel is a trusted voice of the UK workplace and built environment community and regularly hosts the Workplace Trends event series - one of the most diverse and welcoming workplace conference series of the industry calendar. The discussion moves through environmental and evolutionary psychology, via anthropology and Dunbar's number, historical Bürolandscaft and Action Office workspace designs, towards Nigel's updated and refined proposition, the Landscaped Office.James then joins Chris and Ian for the reflection section, in which Ian attempts to bring an animated presentation about algorithmic AI workspace design to life through the medium of podcasting...

Episode 1, Series 2

Just call it 'work'

with Kate Lister

Episode 14

Confidence, capability & capacity

with Perry Timms

Episode 12

Evidence vs. HiPPOs

with Rob Briner

Episode 12

Placefulness and wellworking

with Alexi Marmot

Episode 11

Post-occupancy what?!

with Jo Yarker

Episode 10

Coworking secret sauce

with Imogen Privett

Episode 9

Hobnobs and hummus

with Rebecca Seal

Episode 8

Omni-fear or meta-opportunity?

with Sam Conniff

Episode 6

Original hybrid material

with Susan Halford

Episode 5

The other 90%

with Harriet Shortt

Episode 4

The compadre of telework

with Jack Nilles

Episode 7

LIVE! show at the Workplace Event

with Dan Pilling

Episode 3

One Grey Box

with Jeremy Myerson

Episode 2

Enabling creative communities

with Kursty Groves

Episode 1

Workplace Geeks assemble

with Mark Eltringham and Matt Tucker

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Audiem news

Join us in London...

We're pleased to announce that on the 20 April, we'll be hosting our very first Audiem event. A chance to get a full view of the platform, understand the thinking behind it and see some of the ways that organisations are using it. We'll even throw in a case study from some of the largest tech companies on the planet.

Workplace Mix

Introducing the Workplace Mix

Workplace experiences ebb and flow. They are rich and complex. While they might seek to cater for diverse and wide-ranging groups, they are individually and often very personally felt. They are shaped over time, yet can be transformed – from delight to disgust, or vice versa – in an instant. And they are typically subtle and nuanced – not only positive and negative, but often ambivalent too.

Workplace Experience

The polysemic workplace

if the focus of the 1980s was on business ‘excellence’ in terms of performance and efficiency, perhaps the most important organisational pre-occupation of the post-pandemic 2020s will concern something equally complex and elusive: workplace experience. Here we explore the challenges that come with it.

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