Total workplace experience. Understood.

Audiem is a workplace experience analytics platform that uses cutting edge technology to uncover actionable insights from employee feedback. Explore not just what matters to your people, but why.
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I love working from home. It’s been good for my mental health and wellbeing. The only downside has been my slow internet connection...

Inclusive views

Give your diverse workforce the chance to discuss their workplace experience, in their own words.

Flexible inputs

Tailored survey, existing data, or comments by QR code? Choose the best input approach for your engagement needs.

Actionable insights

Process thousands of viewpoints in seconds, revealing headline themes supported by deep topic and relationship evidence.

The Workplace Mix

Audiem’s analytics engine is powered by the Workplace Mix™ - a framework of factors that influence the total workplace experience of your people, wherever they work. Underpinned by academic research and practical knowledge, the Workplace Mix™ uncovers the human, workspace and technology factors that contribute to workplace experience, and their combined impact on your business outcomes.
Total Workplace Experience. Understood.
Workplace Mix - Business
Workplace Mix - Business - Performace
How work is going at an organisation
Workplace Mix - Business - Reputation
Attractiveness of an organisation to work with
Workplace Mix - Business - Appeal
Attractiveness of an organisation to work for
Workplace Mix - Business - Impacts
How working at an organisation affects people
Workplace Mix - people
Workplace Mix - People - Communications
Who people work with
Workplace Mix - People - Drivers
Why people work the way they do
Workplace Mix - People - Activities
What people do to get work done
Workplace Mix - People - Behaviours
How people go about their work
Workplace Mix - Spaces
Workplace Mix - Spaces - Locations
The localities people work from
Workplace Mix - Spaces - Settings
The spaces people work in
Workplace Mix - Spaces - Features
Specific elements of work settings
Workplace Mix - Spaces - Services
Amenities at the locations people work from
Workplace Mix - Technology
Workplace Mix - Technology - Harware
Tech equipment used by people to work
Workplace Mix - Technology - Software
Tech applications used by people at work
Workplace Mix - Technology - Connectivity
Ability for people to connect using their tech
Workplace Mix - Technology - Support
Tech support
Elements that enable people to use tech tools

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