Episode 12

Placefulness and wellworking

Beginning with the premise of heath as a basic human right, lessons from the pandemic present an opportunity to rethink our work and workplaces with wellbeing in mid. 'Placefulness' presents an opportunity to recognise and multifaceted value of place in mindfulness terms. Similarly, 'well-working' can be used to recognise the allied role of workplace to our individual and collective well-being. By embracing these ideas and gathering compelling evidence to justify their value, we should strive to create 'workplaces worth the journey' - for the health of us, our organisations, and - perhaps most crucially - the planet.

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Alexi's LinkedIn profile
Work on the Move 3 edited by Alexi Marmot and Michael Schley
The IFMA Foundation
The Guardian Long Read 'A tale of decay' (fascinating piece about the Houses of Parliament, referenced in the PinderPonder)
Thinking in Systems by Donella Meadows (book referenced in the PinderPonder)

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