Episode 4

The Watercooler Event | Part 1: hybrid working & office design

Like our previous events specials, this episode features a sequence of mini-interviews, with Chris and Ian reflecting on their comment as they go. First we hear from Gary Helm, founder of obo, who also very generously provided the Mute Jetson L4 booth for us to record from. Thank you sir! We then speak to Rachel Slade from Baker McKenzie about their four year London office transformation and change journey. What a case study in leading workplace change! Next up it's Saskia Lorrison from Convex Insurance, who shares some reflections on designing workplace experience well. The discussion then pivots in the direction of sustainable workspace design with Vanessa Lopez from Oktra, and then pivots in a human centric direction for our final interview with none other than Simone Fenton-Jarvis, who literally wrote the book on it. Treat people like adults, and other ideas from Eric Berne's seminal work on trasactional analysis. Indeed.

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