Episode 3

Not fact, but truthfulness

Chris and Ian are joined by author, consultant and coach Gabriella Braun, to discuss her fascinating book, ‘All That We Are’, recently released in paperback. Gabriella specialises in psychoanalytic approaches and systems thinking to help people work better, together, and it was a real treat to have her on Workplace Geeks. The conversation explores not just the relevance and content of her book, but also the creative process and ethical considerations that underpin writing such an emotionally engaging and thought provoking read.

The Geeks are then joined by friend of the show Esme Banks Marr for the reflection section, while James takes a well-earned day off (happy birthday Dr Pinder!)

Learn more

Gabriella on LinkedIn
Gabriella Braun author page
Gabriella’s book ‘All That We Are’
Gabriella’s consultancy Working Well
The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations
The Freud Museum in London
Esme Banks Marr on LinkedIn

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