Episode 2

Naked apes & workplace zoos

Chris and Ian are joined by workplace researcher, author, speaker and consultant, Dr Nigel Oseland, as he gets back to his environmental psychologist roots in his recent book, 'Beyond the Workplace Zoo: Humanising the Office'. Nigel is a trusted voice of the UK workplace and built environment community and regularly hosts the Workplace Trends event series - one of the most diverse and welcoming workplace conference series of the industry calendar. The discussion moves through environmental and evolutionary psychology, via anthropology and Dunbar's number, historical Bürolandscaft and Action Office workspace designs, towards Nigel's updated and refined proposition, the Landscaped Office.James then joins Chris and Ian for the reflection section, in which Ian attempts to bring an animated presentation about algorithmic AI workspace design to life through the medium of podcasting...

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Nigel on LinkedIn
Nigel's recent book Beyond the Workplace Zoo
Nigel's consultancy Workplace Unlimited
Workplace Trends event series
A 2021 article by Robin Dunbar all about Dunbar's number
A recent article by Mark Eltringham on Workplace Insight all about Bürolandscaft office design

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