Episode 13

Evidence vs. HiPPOs

Evidence-based practice is a method to consider the  quality and trustworthiness of multiple sources of information, through a structured approach, in order to make more informed decisions. It recognises and values the mutual inputs from our professional practice, organisational data, scientific research and stakeholder perspectives in a considered way. When applied to, for example, the notion of 'employee engagement', it challenges the validity of the premise on the grounds that it is ill-defined, conflated with other ideas and nothing new, ill-measured, poorly evidenced in terms of links to organisational performance, yet overly and mis-promoted. Ouch!

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Rob's LinkedIn profile
Rob's own website
CEBMa - the Centre for Evidence-Based Management
The basic principles of evidence-based practice
Some other great resources about evidence-based practice
The (infamous) paper we discuss about employee engagement, plus some others from CIPD on the topic

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